Team Profiles

Keith Lamson

Keith LamsonKeith Lamson aka “Safetydude” has been involved in safety since he was 15, when he became a Volunteer Firefighter.  He is a firm believer that “Safety is a life event not just a work event”.   After 30 successful years as a Health and Safety Executive in the corporate world, he decided to enter the Consulting world with his wife and business partner to provide customized affordable safety solutions to Employers.

During Keith’s career in the corporate world he developed many well-honed specialties.  The most prominent is the ability to either re-energize failing health & safety programs in an organization or the creation of a culture of safety excellence within an organization.  He is skilled in developing and executing initiatives that ensure sustainable business practices.

Keith is a stabilizing Hands-on Leader that works to identify key business drivers, then sets a vision and leverages a supportive, team-based approach to making safety happen.   He encompasses safety as a daily part of operations in a non-obtrusive manner.  Keith’s success has been to get the necessary employee engagement and support and buy-in to the safety program both “top down” and “front-line up”.  Focusing not on the “requirements” but on the “desire to protect oneself and each other”. This process allows productivity and customer service to flourish while maintaining compliance and securing the organizations due diligence.

He has designed and delivered interactive, user-friendly and operations-specific training programs for organizations in the Retail Food, Hospitality, Food Service, Facility Maintenance, Marina, Electrical Contracting and Telecommunications sectors.   One could consider him a Subject Matter Expert that is recognized for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of application specific compliance. Throughout the years, he has been sought out by colleagues across industries to consult on various health and safety matters.  Using his knowledge of the legislative requirements and his ability to work with people, he crafts customized programs and procedures that are widely accepted by those within the industry.

Keith has a proven track record in reducing workers’ compensation and disability costs, and premiums across Canada.  It should also be noted that he is a very seasoned veteran of representing companies during customer accident civil litigation actions.   While he prefers to prevent the incident before it occurs, he has the knowledge and ability to manage and represent the organization throughout the litigation process.

Jocelyne Vaillancourt

Jocelyne VaillancourtKnown as the “Safetydudette”, Jocelyne is a Senior Health & Safety Professional with 25 plus years’ experience across many business sectors including the Retail Food, Food Service, Construction, Logistics and Healthcare sectors.  She is known as a dedicated and diligent team player that brings a high level of passion, support and commitment to the operations team within an organization.

Her speciality is gaining and developing the support and buy in from the Front line and Management Team Employees.  She uses interactive coaching skills to enhance everyone’s knowledge of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and why it needs to be done.  Fully bilingual in written and spoken French and English, she also has effectively communicated with persons of other languages and dialectics through non-verbal communicators.

Jocelyne is a “creative thinker” known for presenting new ideas on reducing accidents and the high costs associated with them, the reduction of operating costs, and the removal of barriers and obstacles.  She also is an accomplished Auditor; the thoroughness of her audits and investigations provides organizations with a clear picture of the conditions prevalent at the time.    More importantly, the Front Line employee that she engaged understands their duties and responsibilities to achieving compliance to the standards.

As a “Food Safety Extraordinaire” she has developed and implemented Food Safety Training Programs into several organizations.  Using her Auditor skills, she has effectively coached and guided front line operations within multiple locations organizations to a superior level of legislative and corporate compliance.

As an Investigator, she unfortunately has had to handle too many investigations.  This however, has developed her into an experienced Investigator with a keen eye for details.  Removing the “barrier of blame” she uncovers an astounding amount of information from those that she interacts with.