Human Resources 24-7

OperationSafety’s experience is that effective, concise and consistent Human Resources policies and procedures is one of the major foundations of an effective profitable organization.

“Competent and engaged employees dramatically increases your organizations profitability and customer service levels.”

HR 24-7 provides Employers with a “Best in Class” customized Human Resource program that allows their Employees and Management Team Members to have around the clock assess and accountability to the organizations requirements.  The components of the HR24-7 program provide the Employer with documented due diligence.

HR24-7 is an electronic communication and reference guide for company HR policies, letters and forms implementation. It is designed for Employees, Managers and Business leaders use by implementing up-to-date and legislatively compliant documents specific to the organizations individual workplaces.

HR24-7 Components of this extensive on-line based program included but are not limited to:

  •  Customized Human Resources Policies
  •  Standardized HR Letters
  •  Standardized HR Forms
  •  On line orientation and training programs
  •  HR Professional support
  •  Quarterly HR Newsletter

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Why Do You Need Corporate HR Policies?

Every organization requires an effective set of policies and procedures to govern its workplace.  Policies and procedures help to ensure an engaged and organized work environment.

Policies are necessary:

  • To provide your employees with workplace information (e.g. benefits, vacation).
  • To establish consistent work policies, practices and guidelines
  • Wherever confusion about behaviour may occur (e.g. dress code, etc.).
  • Where situations that require specific guidance may be required (e.g. company travel).
  • Where legal protection is necessary (e.g. harassment, violence in the workplace etc.).
  • For workplace compliance issues set by legislation (e.g. termination of employment).
  • Describe penalties or the disciplinary procedure that will be followed should standards be disregarded.

With clear and concise policies and programs in place, your organization can effectively address workplace concerns and employee issues and may effectively lower the number of employee complaints and the costs associated with them. It is an essential tool to ensure your workforce is aware of what is expected of them.

Why You Need an HR24-7 Policy System

HR24-7 system is an essential on-line tool for the effective communication of policies, letters and forms to employees, and can help make the job of management in general much, much easier. When clearly written and widely distributed, employees should be equipped with a working knowledge of the procedural guidelines for conduct themselves appropriately. This knowledge should protect both the employee and the organization from many of the potential problems encountered in the workplace, and can possibly help avoid or reduce the costs associated with litigation.

The creation of effective HR policies, letters and forms will help answer many of the questions your employees may have, foster a feeling of security in their roles, alleviate many common workplace problems and create a better working relationship between management and employees. Consistent application of company policies supports equity and fairness for employees at all levels in the organization.

The purpose of HR24-7 is to place all of the HR policies, letters and forms needed to effectively govern your workplace at your fingertips, and to provide these documents in an electronic and therefore, customizable format.

The HR policies, letters and forms are comprehensive, comply with current legislation, and have been created to provide your organization with a set of guidelines to ensure employees are aware of company expectations regarding workplace compliance, employee performance expectations, acceptable behaviour and more.

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