OperationSafety Safety 24-7

OperationSafety’s Safety 24-7 Program is a comprehensive web based Health & Safety Management System designed specifically to the needs of your organization.

Originally designed to assist Employers targeted by the Ontario WSIB Workwell Program, it has since been chosen as the “best in Class” platform by many employers to effectively manage and maintain their Program.

Employers have chosen the Safety 24-7 Program because of it’s high level of functionality and customization.

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Whether it be the Basis Safety 24-7 Program or the Enhanced version (where it could be said  ‘That you have hired OperationSafety to be your Health & Safety Department”), the Safety 24-7 Program is customized to fit the operational uniqueness and requirements of your organization.

Your Safety24-7 can include any or all of the following items:

  • Policies
  • Forms
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Emergency Safe Operating Procedures (ESOP’s)
  • On-Line Training
  • Workplace Assessments
  • MSDS

The Safety 24-7 Program is supported by a Monthly Health and Safety Package designed to provide the Managers and Safety Representatives or Committee Members with the required coaching and supporting to create a Culture of Safety within the Company.  Each Package includes the following items:

  • 2-3 Safety Talks
  • 1-2 Policy Reviews (usually related to the Safety Talks)
  • 1-2 Emergency Safe Procedure (ESOP) Reviews
  • 2-3 Action Items  (Actions required to be completed by the Management Team or Safety Representatives / Committee.)

Highlights of the Safety 24-7 program include:

  • You choose the name of your website (for example www.ABC-company-safety.com)
  • All Employees have their own access codes to the website
  • Employees can access the website 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • On-Line Training is assigned to the Employees based on their job assignments and hazards they are exposed to
  • Extensive Training Reports
  • All the required Forms, Policies and other documents all available at the click of the mouse
  • Policies, Forms, Emergency Safe Operating Procedures (ESOP’s) customized to the workplace requirements
  • Large library of Generic Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that can be customized either by OperationSafety or your in-house Safety Team
  • On-Line Training can be taken at times that it doesn’t negatively affect Customer service or production
  • Updates are easily made without the requirement to print new manuals
  • Training Programs can be customized to the workplace
  • Additional Training Programs based on the needs of the Company can be developed and uploaded into the website

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