People & Assets Protection 24-7

People – your most important asset.  If your employees or students, or the loved ones of your employees or students, don’t feel that the workplace or school is safe, what are the results? Lack of productivity? Absenteeism?  Abandonment?   A safe and secure environment increases engagement. High engagement directly impacts profit, retention, and makes your workplace or school a desired destination for talented employees and loyal customers.

Your bottom line is suffering today – with inventory and accounting errors? Fraud and time theft? Employee and customer theft?  Industry estimates are that 1 in 10 employees cause losses at their company. In fact, Canadian retailer and restaurant businesses lose an average of almost 1.2% of their net sales or $11 Million to shrinkage each day!

We offer two (2) customized solution products which have proven to reduce risk and optimize profit today and for years to come.

People & Asset Protection 24-7 Customized Monthly Package

  • A branded security department intranet consisting of Forms and Policies developed to your specific operational needs.
  • Access to an on-line Robbery Prevention webinar.
  • Delivery of any combination of three (3) of the listed “A La Carte” investigative services per location based on Client request during the contract term.
  • Delivery of one (1) of the listed “A La Carte” workshops conducted per location based on Client request during the contract term.
  • Receipt via email of monthly “Security Talks” designed for your specific workplace. These are current safety/security news, tips, and best practices.
  • Employee Introduction Session.
  • On-going monthly Asset Protection consultative phone and email support

A La Carte People & Asset Protection Solutions

People Protection Products - Delivery of Training Workshops

All workshops listed below can be customized in order to deliver maximum customer value to any level of employee within your organization.

  • Asset Protection 101- today’s businesses face unprecedented threats to assets, property, and information. Canadian retailers lose approximately $11 million dollars or 1.2% of their net sales to internal/external losses and paperwork errors each day. Ideal for all employees, this 2 hour session provides proven best practices and procedures to reduce your exposure to these threats, thus enhancing the safeguarding of assets and optimization of profits.
  • Integrity at Work® – This 4 hour business ethics training program illustrates the importance of ethical decision making that transcends adhering to compliance laws and company policies. Ideal for managers, this workshop is available in both classroom presentation and e-modules, this program addresses the need for honesty and fairness in today’s workplace.
  • Workplace Violence Avoidance – Ideal for management and hourly employees, this interactive 2 hour violence-prevention training program will assist attendees to better understand how to enhance the protection of themselves and company assets. Best practices are shared so that attendees gain knowledge with which to be able to recognize the warning signs, minimize their exposure to violence, and how to handle a workplace violence situation when it occurs.
  • Managing Conflict – Learning how to effectively use conflict as a motivating force in today’s workplace can actually improve relationships with employees and customers. This 3 hour interactive workshop illustrates how management can address workplace conflict and achieve positive results in the process
  • Managing Time & Stress – Ideal for all employees, this 3 hour workshop focuses on the importance of successfully managing stress in today’s multi-tasking business environment.
  • Business Continuity & Crisis Management – It is estimated that companies lose an average of $84,000 for every hour of downtime, with the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan being less than 10%. Ideal for managers, this 3 hour session provides attendees with the framework for a business continuity and crisis management plan, using tested tools and practices that enable your business to operate more effectively following a disaster. Is your business in a position today to recover from a disaster?
  • Internet Etiquette For Adults – Ineffective electronic communication costs retailers millions of dollars annually in lost productivity and negative brand impact. Ideal for all employees, this 1 hour session gives attendees practical knowledge on how to communicate more effectively electronically today while being more productive and helping to ensure the security of your company’s proprietary information.
  • Travel Safety & Security 101– Many of us travel occasionally, if not regularly, for both pleasure and/or work. Ideally suited for all levels of traveler, this 2 hour workshop outlines some common sense travel tips that will enable you to better protect yourself and your assets, thus improving the likelihood of having an enjoyable, productive trip as desired.

Asset Protection Services and Products

  • A customized operational security audit quarterly performed at each location in order to evaluate all existing people and asset protection measures in place. This service includes a final report with suggested action plan items to address opportunities.
  • A customized inventory countdown program (ICP) for your organization.  The ICP will ensure that you are managing your inventory effectively before, during, and after your count in order to ensure accurate results and a strategic post-count action plan.
  • Investigative Services:
    • Sales Integrity Shop Visits – one (1) in-person visit per month per location totaling 15 to 45 minutes.
    • Exception Based Reporting (XBR) Analysis – two (2) hours total per week per location below. This service entails the detailed review of all agreed upon Client POS and MWS data in order to identify and communicate activity indicative of theft, fraud, and/or other related policy/procedure violations as directed by the Client.
    • Investigative & Interview Services – This includes all investigative pre-work, interviews with employees, and the submission of a final investigative report.
  • Business Continuity Planning & Products:
    • The Business Continuity Essentials Playbook – this manual provides guidance to security and business leaders in order to assist with the creation of a business continuity program (BCP) or enhance the program that is currently in existence.
    • The creation of a comprehensive business continuity plan (BCP) for implementation across the organization.
    • The creation of a comprehensive crisis management plan (CMP) for implementation across the organization.
  • Physical security equipment procurement
  • Other customized services and products as requested
  • Policy and Procedure creation – choose from over 75 policies and procedures that will be customized for your business.

Our leading loss prevention and security programs target these manageable lines of your P&L in order to protect your people and customers, safeguard assets, and optimize profit. We’ll partner with you to build a customized, sustainable program tailored for your unique business needs… all with incredible results.

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