Winter Back Care Tips

  • Posted on: 8 February 2014
  • By: Jocelyne
  1. Wear the right clothes. Wear gloves, boots with lots of traction, a warm jacket, scarf and hat. You can take off some layers as you work and get hot.  Be wary of clothes that are too big or too small. You want to be able to move freely.
  2. Warm up and stretch before you go out.  Stretch before beginning working, especially the hamstring muscles.  Be sure to also stretch your arms, shoulders, back, and torso.
  3. Don't let the snow pile up. Try to clear any fallen snow as quickly as possible. Do not drive over it as it will compact it and make it more difficult to clear.
  4. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water! Clearing snow is thirsty work. Try to drink water every 20 minutes of work.  If you get dehydrated you will get aches and pains and which may lead to more back pain / muscle strains.
  5. Body posture and position during work is important. Lift with your knees. Push, do not throw the snow and try not to twist more than you have to.  Use a long handled spade or shovel and keep knees bent.
  6. Post exercise routine.  Following shoveling, drink some more water. Take a hot bath or shower to allow muscles to relax.
  7. More people make light work.  If you can, get some help and take regular breaks.
  8. Following snow removal. After you have removed the snow, put down some salt on the main paths of areas that tend to thaw and then re-freeze. It could save a fall and fracture.
  9. EAT WELL and healthily - winter stews with lots of vegetables keep you warm too.

The above Safety Tip is courtesy of Dunk & Associates

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